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20 April, 2016
Grapes red globe CasaBlanca
5 January, 2017

agro-forestry industries CasaBlanca, whose main crop the tahiti lime, CasaBlanca project, proposed as main objective, to share their own agricultural technology created in the management of the Tahiti lime in the Valley paujilzapa district of Buenos Aires province picota, San Martin Region.

In the surrounding countryside to Fundo CasaBlanca there are thousands of hectares suitable for this variety of citrus, which is well received in markets first world countries, Canada, the United States, countries of the European Economic Community to develop, in addition to countries Asia; Korea, Japan, China and the Middle East; Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, etc.

The export of Tahiti lime to these consumer countries, will bring the socio-economic improvement of the surrounding towns to the project, creating many job openings for both workers and laborers in the field, processing of essential oils, packing plant, as well as professionals in the area.

The CasaBlanca project will be formally presented to state agencies of Peru, as well as developed countries with budget items intended to invest in projects that benefit the population living in poverty in the Amazon rainforest, with the aim of stopping the devastation of tropical forests (the only lung left to the planet) and poaching endangered species.

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