White Bolaina (Guazuma crinita), is a woody forest species and very fast growing, is typical of the alluvial forests of the Amazon Low.

CasaBlanca Offer wood used to make furniture, houses and buildings are extracted from our farm.Sells dry sawn wood, slats, baseboards, rodones, jambs, door and window frames.

In the Casablanca fund we are very careful in preserving the environment and we are authorized to cut trees. The wood is extracted from our plantations.We have own plantations of the variety Bolaina, Capirona and Teca.

The cutting of trees is done minimizing collateral damage to the environment, we are very careful at this stage, as it is fundamental to take care of our natural environment, so that this is a sustainable and friendly process with the ecosystem of the area.
The products are processed in our factory located at the foot of the forest, always looking to get the most out of our wood, with premium items.