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The Casablanca Fund has 1000 hectares, of which there are about 500 hectares with native trees and some 50 hectares of capirona, teca and bolaina trees, planted by casablanca arranged in plots of 10 hectares, in addition this amount of trees planted already makes more Of 10 years, will soon allow the production of 12 to 20 million cubic feet of wood.

A sawmill with machinery and equipment of last generation will be implemented in the area of the plantations, capable of processing all the production. After the process we will have almost 8 million cubic feet of finished product, such as machimbrados, moldings, Rodones, door frames, windows, floors, sheets, etc.

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Ecological Responsibility

Taking into account that 85% of the timber traded in Peru is today dubious or illegal origin, because it is extracted from tropical forests or protected forests, using falsified certificates.

The presence of Industrias Agroforestales Casablanca S.A.C. With totally legal products, demonstrates that plantations of this type are the best protection for Amazon forests, protected or not, being the ideal solution to not lose the benefits that these forests represent for humanity.

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Investment Program

Industrias Agroforestales Casablanca S.A.C. It has a plan for investors interested in protecting the environment, sustainable development of the Amazon region and increasing the value of its capital

Industrias Agroforestales Casablanca S.A.C, can demonstrate, through a business plan prepared by professionals, that you or your organization can receive a return of more than 30% per year.

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Tahiti limes

The Tahiti lime tree is moderately vigorous, medium to large, growing up to 15 or 20 feet (4.5 m-6 m), almost without large spines and hanging branches. The leaves are wide lanceolate, with winged petioles; Young shoots are purple. The flowers are produced almost all year round, but especially in January and August, slightly stained purple. The fruit is oval, oblong or elliptical short, usually rounded at the base or grooved short neck, the apex is rounded with a small nipple, 4 cm to 6.5 cm wide and 2 to 3 inches (5 -8.5 cm) high; It is bright green until mature, when the skin becomes pale, soft, fine yellow, which clings tightly, the pulp is light yellowish green when ripe, in 10 segments, tender, acidic, but Without the characteristic aroma of Mexican (subtle) lemon, usually without seed, rarely with one or a few seeds, especially if it is planted among other species of citrus. Tahiti lime flowers have no viable pollen ...

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Certified legal wood

The forest located within the CasaBlanca fund can be classified according to climate, use and accessibility, as a semi-tropical forest, located in a land area and ready for logging. The broader ecological classification system used in tropical America; Also includes the paujilzapa valley located in the district of buenos aires, province of picota, San Martin region, Peru area carefully monitored by the entities that protect the environment.

In the CasaBlanca fund we have planted 50 hectares of trees, so we have the permits and authorizations of the corresponding entities, CasaBlanca is a certified plantation, carefully maintained. Within the fund are all forest species, as well as a large number of species not yet exploited commercially.