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Industries Agroforestales Casablanca S.A.C. It is a Peruvian company dedicated to the production and processing of timber from own plantations. Currently it has 850 hectares in the area of Picota , San Martin Region , being in expansion in the acquisition of larger areas . The business model allows control of the entire product supply chain . nursery seedlings , planting , care, planting , harvesting , processing forest walk and the final product is marketed occur . dried lumber, boards , baseboards, Rodones , jambs , door frames and windows will be sold


In 10 years Industries Agroforestales Casablanca will become the leading producer of lumber species Bolaina in the country.


Develop an offer that meets the need of the domestic and foreign market lumber from timber plantations , exploited intensively with technology and infrastructure walk forest , ensuring a high quality product at competitive prices protecting tropical forests , being more attractive than that offered by illegal logging .

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5 January, 2017


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