A gourmet Easter

Fish Ceviche Tahitian
20 April, 2016
4 July, 2016

Hugo de Armero chef, restaurant Chimera, presents the best option for the days of Easter. Input has Tiradito Paseo Amazónico, paiche thin sheets of gel avocado, sweet potato and gel sachatomate paper, all bathed in milk tiger with citrus of eastern Peru.

The background a salmon infused will look like in a slow confit with lemon balm and lemon verbena, based saffron sauce, cake and coins yacón pituca glass. The dessert is a Fruit of Sin, a caramel keke with applesauce and vanilla sauce toffee sauce, accompanied by apple chips and apples in Havana rum.

To take, they can enjoy the virgin cocktails as Honney Citrus Fizz (grapefruit, lemon tahiti, honey and tonic water), Limonshrub (Creole lemon, passion fruit, shrub strawberry and tonic water), Mangosh (mango syrup, lemon verbena and sparkling water) and stations (seasonal fruits, herbs organic garden and sparkling water).

Address: Av Guardia Civil 727 – Corpac.. San Borja.

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